Stop the Press!

The Original CORESHORTS™ are coming back!

Yes that is correct – It has been 9 years since Coretection partnered with Under Armour and we are now excited to be back in the game to bring you the Original CORESHORTS™. In 2019 we will be producing both the Pro and Lite versions to meet your stability and performance needs.

The founders, Greg, Ed and Claude are excited to connect with you and support your motion control needs.

“We are proud to be the Original CORESHORTS™ guy’s and to be able to offer you our original patented “X” technology.”

We are just putting together our fabric selection and manufacturing. We look to have product ready to ship in April 2019.

We are also revamping our website – so look for some great changes.

We invite you to follow our restart process on Instagram.

Ross Agathos
Meet our new VP of Sales – Ross has been in the professional sports and garment industry for over 25 years as creator and founder of Eagle Sports. He has been a colleague and friend of Coretection for many years and is available for any discussions about our Coreshorts™ business.

Thank you,

Greg Bay PT
Coretection Products Ltd.

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     | Purpose

Problem - Injuries

  • pelvic and groin injuries are increasing in both recreational and professional athletics
Solution - CORESHORTS™
  • rehabilitation
  • core protection
  • reduce strains and sprains
  • unique patented design that supports the core anatomy and enhances functional movements
The key to an efficient recovery is an early, accurate diagnosis, a progressive rehabilitation program and sport specific retraining. CORESHORTS™ were designed to aid in the recovery of core injuries by providing anatomical and functional support to the "core" area.
  • lower abdominal
  • hernia / sports hernia
  • sacroiliac joint sprain
  • lumbo-sacral sprain
  • osteitis-pubis
  • adductor strain (groin)
  • hip flexor / quadriceps strain
  • hip rotator strain
  • hamstring strain
  • hip ligament sprain