Stop the Press!

The Original CORESHORTS™ are coming back!

Yes that is correct – It has been 9 years since Coretection partnered with Under Armour and we are now excited to be back in the game to bring you the Original CORESHORTS™. In 2019 we will be producing both the Pro and Lite versions to meet your stability and performance needs.

The founders, Greg, Ed and Claude are excited to connect with you and support your motion control needs.

“We are proud to be the Original CORESHORTS™ guy’s and to be able to offer you our original patented “X” technology.”

We are just putting together our fabric selection and manufacturing. We look to have product ready to ship in April 2019.

We are also revamping our website – so look for some great changes.

We invite you to follow our restart process on Instagram.

Ross Agathos
Meet our new VP of Sales – Ross has been in the professional sports and garment industry for over 25 years as creator and founder of Eagle Sports. He has been a colleague and friend of Coretection for many years and is available for any discussions about our Coreshorts™ business.

Thank you,

Greg Bay PT
Coretection Products Ltd.

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Currently we are focused on introducing our patented compression short - CORESHORTS™ to the market in three versions allowing 3 levels of support.

CORESHORTS™ compression shorts were created by Sports Physiotherapist Greg Bay who after treating pelvic, groin and hip injuries for years became frustrated in the lack of technical support for injury protection and recovery. There was no pelvic compression garment that specifically addressed the anatomical design of the core area. In order to provide injury support to his athletes he designed CORESHORTSTM REHAB.

With their success as a rehabilitation tool the design was duplicated to provide two other levels of support CORESHORTS™ LITE and CORESHORTS™ PRO.

This seven year project has produced the first compression short that is anatomically correct in the support of the pelvis, groin and hip areas. CORESHORTS™ innovative patented design has created a new industry standard and is rapidly becoming an essential component of both recreational and professional athletes equipment.

CORETECTION is dedicated to the research and design of products that will enhance injury prevention, protection and performance.


Greg Bay B.S.c PT, B.S.c Educ
• Diploma Sports Physiotherapy
• Fellowship Canadian Association of Manipulative Physiotherapists

Greg is a Sports Physiotherapist with a Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual therapy. He has extensive experience in the treatment of athletic injuries and has been a member of the Canadian Soccer Medical staff for over 20 years. His practice includes the treatment of both recreational and professional athletes. He is the owner of two successful Sport & Spine Physiotherapy practices in Abbotsford, BC Canada.

Greg has been a head instructor with the Kinesiology department at the University College of the Fraser Valley as well as a clinical instructor in advanced Orthopaedics. As a therapist he is always looking for new ways to help his clients recover from injury and maximize injury prevention. His goal is to provide a functional application to the latest clinical research.

VP of Operations

Ed Georgica

Ed joins CORETECTION with 22 years of professional sports experience as a Head Equipment Manager in the NHL and CFL. As one of the top innovators in his field he has worked with many manufacturers on the research and development of products for both professional and retail markets.

Ed relies on his vast experience and knowledge to know what is needed of the practical aspects of CORETECTION products. This includes the quality control, fit and function.

He is also a founder of XPro Media which is an internet based digital multimedia company focusing on the grass roots level in sports by providing a progressive learning program through video analysis and distribution.

Ed's organizational and knowledge skills are relied on for the development and testing of CORETECTION Products.

VP of Sales

Claude Gagnon

Claude brings his extensive hockey background both as a player (12 professional years) and as a top sales representative for a leading hockey manufacturer to the CORETECTION Team. His hard work on and off the ice has gained the respect and trust of therapists and equipment managers in dressing rooms across North America.

Claude has been in the equipment industry for 16 years with both hockey and sports apparel companies. He is a proven leader in sales and has experience in working with professional teams and the retail industry in Canada, United States and Europe.

Claude will be the team captain in building a sales force to ensure that CORETECTION products will be available for everyone everywhere.

Office Staff:

Nancey Lowe
Monday - Friday 9-5
Office Manager
Customer Service

Megan Friesen
Monday - Friday 8-4
Accounts Receivable

Phone: 604-855-0399 (local)
Fax: 604-855-0396
Toll Free phone: 1-877-853-2673