Thank-you Coreshorts Customers!

I want to thank all of you who believed in the concept and took a chance on Coreshorts.

We are proud to have put our heart and soul into the success of Coreshorts! In January 2010, Coretection Products Ltd partnered with Under Armour Performance Apparel, who have taken over all the manufacturing and distribution of Coreshorts. To purchase the new Under Armour Coreshorts, and Coreshorts Pro, please check with an Under Armour retailer near you, or click the link below to direct you to the Under Armour website for online ordering.

The Rehab version of Coreshorts is currently unavailable from Under Armour. They do have plans to introduce this product in the future. Production of original Coretection Rehab Coreshorts ended in January 2010, therefore, the only Rehab Coreshorts still in circulation would be very limited stock which remains on Retailers shelves.

Please feel free to use our website for educational purposes.

Thank you,

Greg Bay PT
Coretection Products Ltd.

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Q Are Coreshorts covered by Extended Health Care Plans?
A Yes, some extended Health Care Plans are covering the cost of the Pro and Rehab version of Coreshorts. With a doctor's referral along with the attached Compression Rating. You need to "Check with your plan for coverage first" as some extended health plans will not cover the shorts.
  Click here for medical referral forms.

Q When will CORESHORTS™ be available?
A CORESHORTS™ are available online. If you would like to buy directly from our retailers, visit our retailers page to see the closest dealer to you.

Q Why were CORESHORTS™ invented?
A CORESHORTS™ were created to provide some external support in the recovery of lower abdominal, pelvic and groin injuries. There was no other functionally correct short available to help! CORESHORTS™ were made to be the first and best product available specifically designed (by Greg Bay Sports Physiotherapist) to help patients recover from these injuries.

The Rehab pair was so effective that the Lite and Pro versions were then also created.

Q Why are there three versions of CORESHORTS™?
A There are three versions to maximize a spectrum of protection.

The Lite pair is for the recreational athlete who requires some protection and a superior pair of compression shorts. They are primarily for exercise activity for men, women and youth. They are also indicated for jobs that have a lot of bending and lifting. Many Police and Firefighters have found comfort and support to help during work.

The Pro pair is primarily for those serious athletes or activities that require greater protection and support. They are being used in the NHL, NFL NBA and professional soccer. They are also being used by recreational athletes that have had groin or pelvic injuries in the past.

The Rehab pair is primarily for those who have recently suffered a lower abdominal, pelvic, groin or upper thigh injury. They provide maximum support to aid in the recovery process.

Q Are there different pairs for men and women?
A The sizing is done as either a youth size or adult size. All shorts are designed to fit either female or men as there is a unique oval gusset for fit and comfort. Also the design of the waist is to mimic the higher posterior pelvis and lower anterior pelvis with enough elasticity to allow for different shapes. Therefore there is only adult and a youth size available.

Q Is CORESHORTS™ patented?
A Yes, Patents
US # 6,430,752 B1
Canada # 2,437,750
Europe # 1,441,609  

Q Does the Core Activation System ("X") create a weakness in the core muscle system?
A No - the Core Activation System design does not create a weakness in the muscle system. CORESHORTS™ provide a dynamic system to support motion, not to replace it.

Q Do CORESHORTS™ restrict movement?
A No - CORESHORTS™ provides a guidance system for movement. However, the shorts need to be comfortably tight in order to provide optimal motion control.

Q What injuries can CORESHORTS™ help?
A CORESHORTS™ have been effective in providing support for many strains and sprains to the lower back, pelvic and hip areas (osteitis pubis and groin, hip flexor and hamstring strains).

Q Can CORESHORTS™ prevent injuries?
A A study is currently being designed to determine if CORESHORTS™ can prevent injuries to the pelvic area. The anatomical design will help to guide movement and provide directional support to the core area, which we believe, will then aid in the prevention of pelvic and hip injuries.

Q How does one determine the size and fit of CORESHORTS™?
A The sizing chart located on the back of the tag or on the web page is a guide to determine a range of sizes. CORESHORTS™ must fit snuggly with no pinching or movement restrictions.

Because there are variations in body design, the key will be to use the chart as a guide and to determine the best fit for comfort and mobility.

Q Are there any differences for Women's or Men's sizes?
A CORESHORTS™ are designed to fit both Men and Women as the waist design is lower in the front and higher in the back to match the shape of the pelvis. The unique butterfly gusset design was to minimize stitching and any pinching or bunching in the groin area. The key to sizing will be to follow the sizing chart.

Q How do I wash and dry CORESHORTS™?
A A washing instruction label is in the back of the shorts. CORETECTION suggests the best way to wash the shorts is in cold to warm water and hang dry. CORESHORTS™ can be dried but at a low heat cycle. Do NOT dry at medium to high heat.

What happens if CORESHORTS™ start to breakdown?
CORETECTION has a 90 day warranty policy on any manufacturing defects due to material breakdown or sewing problems. E-mail our customer service agent at our website and they will assist you within 48 hours.

Q After purchasing CORESHORTS™ and wearing them, can I get my money back.
A If CORESHORTS™ has NOT been worn, CORETECTION will refund your purchase in full for up to 30 days.

Q When I lift my hip up high the elastic in CORESHORTS™ Pro or Rehab buckles in the front groin area. Is there a problem with the fit?
A No - CORESHORTS™ must buckle at the hip to allow the motion. As the front loosens for motion, the back side will tighten.