Stop the Press!

The Original CORESHORTS™ are coming back!

Yes that is correct – It has been 9 years since Coretection partnered with Under Armour and we are now excited to be back in the game to bring you the Original CORESHORTS™. In 2019 we will be producing both the Pro and Lite versions to meet your stability and performance needs.

The founders, Greg, Ed and Claude are excited to connect with you and support your motion control needs.

“We are proud to be the Original CORESHORTS™ guy’s and to be able to offer you our original patented “X” technology.”

We are just putting together our fabric selection and manufacturing. We look to have product ready to ship in April 2019.

We are also revamping our website – so look for some great changes.

We invite you to follow our restart process on Instagram.

Ross Agathos
Meet our new VP of Sales – Ross has been in the professional sports and garment industry for over 25 years as creator and founder of Eagle Sports. He has been a colleague and friend of Coretection for many years and is available for any discussions about our Coreshorts™ business.

Thank you,

Greg Bay PT
Coretection Products Ltd.

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Until recently, I suffered from a hip flexor injury and was unable to participate with my Rugby team "Maralomas." I tried everything from tape and heat to physio and Chiropractic, but none of these treatments could provide me with the necessary stability while I was healing. Our personal trainer mentioned your store and that I should speak to someone about my problem. I dropped by and was thrilled to speak with your Oak Street location manager and acquire some real advice. He recommended Core Shorts and assured me they would make a difference. I must admit I was skeptical at best and confident that a few cross threaded elastics couldn't contain my injury. Well... They did and the product took stress away from the damaged area and allowed me free mobility on the field. I have since happily referred clients and teammates to your organization and excited to tell others about my experience.

Sean M. Hogan
Account Executive
Commercial Lines Division


"I have always worn compression shorts while playing soccer. No one brand of compression short, however, compares to the feel, fit and performance that I get from the Coreshort Lite technology. Throughout my career I have always struggled with Hip and SI joint problems. Since being introduced a year ago, my Coreshorts have now become an integral and necessary piece of equipment for my performance and injury prevention as a player."

Andrea Neil
Vancouver Whitecaps Womens FC

They seem to be working out well. I am wearing them about 12 hours a day, if I can stand it, for a pubic bone injury. These shorts were the closest thing to a cast we could find. I actually walked about 45 minutes last night at a pretty brisk pace and did not experience any pain. That was a first for me in about two years.


These shorts are incredible! Thank you so much! I rode and competed and felt no pain or pulling... The core shorts are really unbelievable!

I can't thank you enough!

Schuyler Riley-US Champion Equestrian Rider

I have to say the Coreshorts are a blessing. I cannot believe how good they are.I have worn them for about 6-7 games and numerous training sessions and the difference is unbelievable.Worth every penny. I have recommended them to everyone.
Thanks yet again for all your help.

Brian-Hurling and Gaelic Football athlete

Dear,Coretection: Matt's healing process!

He's playing 2 sports - both travel football and travel hockey - keep us crazy busy.

BUT I wanted to let you know that Matt has "officially" declared that he is healed, and the Coreshorts really got him through this process, and I believe not only allowed him to play, but allowed the injury to heal while, continuing to play.

We can't thank-you enough for your support of his efforts.

Much thanks again, we will never forget how you supported our efforts.
Hope the product is continuing to be successful for you!

Cathy@ Dell Computers,USA

Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. I am finding the Coreshorts very helpful. I played my game with no serious problems, they have really helped. Initially I though it might just be a false sense of security as they are tight. However as I warmed up they seemed to enhance my stability through out the core, particularly through the hamstrings. I have gone for runs since my game and one practice and with a minor pull in my hamstring everything is fine. I'm only going at it about 75% right now, until I'm completely healed.

"I would recommend these to any one that would like further stability through out their core."
Garrett- Nanaimo BC, Canada

Dear Coretection,

I have to say after 2 soccer games and 4 lacrosse games the Coreshorts are great. As soccer is harder on my back, I feel no pain during the game and it gives my hips a tight (strong ) feeling. In addition, I have less pain in the back the next day. This is good as I don't feel the need to visit the chiropractor.

As far as lacrosse goes, I could not believe how good they were. We played four games in three days. In the fourth game when I'm usually dead tired, I had energy and lots of legs and my back felt great.

I swear by the shorts now, they strengthen my back and firm up my hips, which in return I don't tire out as quickly. I feel they really do work, I love them.

Thank you so much, it was well worth the purchase!
Gerry: Vancouver BC, Canada

Dear Coretection
I have been quite impressed with the CORESHORTS. I have a degenerative left SI joint, so I did not expect miracles but the additional compression of these shorts has certainly provided me with much less pain for the same degree of activity or even permitted more activity for the same level of discomfort. I've used the CORESHORTS in the gym, cycling, long kayak workouts, XC skiing and even some walk/jog activity. I am anxious to try them golfing , which has traditionally been the most painful sport.

I have sent a couple of patients to SportMed with a prescription for CORESHORTS and certainly think that $110 is money well spent for the support and comfort that they provide.
Thanks again, I do appreciate your help.

D. C. McKenzie MD, PhD
Division of Sports Medicine
The University of British Columbia