Thank-you Coreshorts Customers!

I want to thank all of you who believed in the concept and took a chance on Coreshorts.

We are proud to have put our heart and soul into the success of Coreshorts! In January 2010, Coretection Products Ltd partnered with Under Armour Performance Apparel, who have taken over all the manufacturing and distribution of Coreshorts. To purchase the new Under Armour Coreshorts, and Coreshorts Pro, please check with an Under Armour retailer near you, or click the link below to direct you to the Under Armour website for online ordering.

The Rehab version of Coreshorts is currently unavailable from Under Armour. They do have plans to introduce this product in the future. Production of original Coretection Rehab Coreshorts ended in January 2010, therefore, the only Rehab Coreshorts still in circulation would be very limited stock which remains on Retailers shelves.

Please feel free to use our website for educational purposes.

Thank you,

Greg Bay PT
Coretection Products Ltd.

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Which Short is Right for Me?

The key to selecting the appropriate version of Coreshorts is to first determine how much compression and stabilization is needed!

Coreshorts Lite - 4 Way "X" Core Activation System

  • Provides dynamic support for daily use in the workplace and athletics.
  • Approximately 20% more functional compression than other compression shorts on the market.
  • RECOMMENDED: for all activities and daily use requiring (minimal) compressive support.
  • Walking, running, biking, golf, gardening, gym exercise, postpartum stability, hip replacement, hernia repair.
  • If you are currently wearing a compression short, you should be wearing a "Compression Short with a Purpose"...Coreshorts
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Coreshorts Pro - 2 Way "X" Core Activation System
  • #1 recommended compression short in professional sports for groin injuries!
  • Provides dynamic pelvic compression and motion control of the legs for injury prevention and recovery.
  • Compression Rating 20-30 mmHg
  • Beneficial for sacroiliac joint stabilization, osteitis pubis, hip flexor, quadriceps, hamstring and lower abdominal strain.
  • RECOMMENDED: for injury prevention and groin injury recovery.
  • Beneficial for all contact sports, physically demanding work, light activities with pre-disposition to injury, and those requiring extra support due to decreased muscle strength and stability.
  • Hockey, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Snow Boarding, Running, Equestrian, Construction, Labour, Firefighter, Military
  • If you require more functional support than the Lite, regardless of what type of sport or activity you are involved in, you should be in the Pro version.
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Coreshorts Rehab - 2 Way "X" Core Activation System with a compression liner
  • Provides maximal pelvic compression (on) and motion control of the legs for injury recovery from chronic strains and pelvic instability.
  • Compression Rating 30-40 mmHg
  • RECOMMENDED: by the medical profession.
  • If you require maximal pelvic and hip stabilization due to serious or prolonged chronic conditions, then the Rehab version would be indicated as part of an active rehabilitation program.
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