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April 15, 2020

The Importance of Stretching

After a demanding workout session - while wearing your CORESHORTS™, of course - you probably feel like you are ready to move on with your day. But did you stretch… BEFORE and AFTER your workout? 


Stretching offers many great health benefits and should be included as part of your daily workout routine.  Stretching before exercise helps your body prepare to move. After the workout, stretching helps your body and muscles recover, while improving your posture, flexibility, and performance (to name just a few benefits).


Why Stretching Is Important 


Let’s explore some reasons why stretching is so important. Here are five reasons why you should always stretch—before and after—a workout session:


  1. Increased flexibility and range of motion

Regular stretching is known to increase your flexibility and your range of motion. Flexibility is crucial for your overall health. It helps you perform everyday activities with ease, and it also can help delay reduced mobility as you age. By incorporating stretching as a standard part of your workout routine, your overall flexibility will improve!

Stretching a muscle or groups of muscles through a patterned motion or PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) is effective for immediate gains. Having a full range of motion equals freedom of movement and stretching can help get you there!


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  1. Improved Sports Performance

Many of our CORESHORTS™ customers are active athletes. Exercising and sports require a wider degree of flexibility and range of motion at the joint. Having increased flexibility will improve your sports performance and will also help to decrease the chances of injury.


  1. Decreased Injury and Increased Blood Flow

As just mentioned, stretching can helps to prevent injuries. Stretching before and after exercising, especially dynamic (active) stretching, prepares your body for activity.

When you stretch, you are increasing the blood flow to your muscles by improving your circulation. But why is this important? Increased blood flow to your muscles may help shorten recovery time and reduce onset muscle soreness.


 Standing Hamstring Stretch Power Yoga CoreShorts


  1. Improved Posture and Back Pain Relief

Having poor posture may lead to muscle aches and body pain. Proper muscle balance and alignment are known to improve posture. By stretching daily, you can loosen your muscles and reduce the risk of muscle strains and injury, which can lead to decreased back pain. If you already have an injury, stretching an existing injury or back pain will help improve the recovery time. Never stretch into pain!


  1. Stress Relief

One of the biggest holistic benefits of stretching is the decrease in stress. Physical and emotional stress can impact your exercise recovery and lessen the benefits of exercise. In fact, the overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol can actually result in health issues.  Stretching allows your muscles as well as your mind to relax, so you perform at your personal best.


Stability Starts at CORESHORTS™ 

At CORESHORTS™, we are passionate about our product and can guarantee you enhanced core support and functional movement. Combine that with regular stretching, before and after your workout, and you will be on the top of your game!