I think the decision will be to go PRO 3.0 because of its extra compression stays up better and helps protect my injury being rehabilitated. The extra compression of the PRO 3.0 really started to wake up the way things are connected in the body. They stay up better and the help lumbar connect to the core. I would be feeling more pain without the CORESHORTS. So I am very grateful, thank you. I am still doing the physical therapy by Telehealth video appointments. Also putting to use the CORESHORTS everyday with either indoor or outdoor running trials. Relearning and retraining the core slowly with guidance from the therapist. I need to wear these CORESHORTS all the time. Thank you so much. Stay healthy!

In early 2022 I had two hip surgeries. January 20th my labrum was repaired and 6 days later I went back in the for an operation to fix developmental dysplasia (Ganz Osteotomy). Without Coreshorts I would not have been able to get back to the ice coaching as quickly as I did! I am a full-time power skating instructor and without being on the ice I don’t have a job. Coreshorts saved my career as they provided the support around my hip and groin that I needed to get back to work! Now that I’ve further along in my recovery I will continue to wear Coreshorts every time I skate to continue to support my hip and to also help prevent any future injuries! Thank you Coreshorts!

I used them for the first time this last Thursday at my hockey game. There was a play when I had to nearly do the splits laterally as I pushed left to right and I could feel my muscles reach their end point, yet I had no issues with pain, soreness or discomfort in those muscles like I have had every other time with an occurrence like this. I truly do believe the shorts were instrumental in preventing an injury on the play. I look forward to using them more and more and plan on looking into buying the longer pair next!

Just got done with my first workout with them. Love them! Truly made a difference. Thank you!

Katy Jo Professional Power Skating Coach
Joshua A. ATC
Connor Kelly Professional Athlete NLL/PLL

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